Actress Jennifer Aniston spent her first big paycheque on a vintage Mercedes - but the actress barely had the chance to drive the classic car because it "never worked".
The former Friends star spent months early on in her career admiring an old vehicle in her Los Angeles neighbourhood after it had been put up for sale by its owner, and she rushed to buy it as soon as she landed her first significant pay day.
But the extravagant purchase turned out to be a money pit as Aniston spent thousands trying to get the car back on the road.
She tells Marie Claire magazine, "Practically every day for about a year, I'd drive by this beautiful car that was parked on Melrose (Avenue)... with a 'for sale' sign in it. It was a beautiful little vintage Mercedes 280sl.
"I had it fixed up, but it never worked. It was a lemon. Now I know why it was on the street for so long! I may have driven it three times, but I held on to it forever. It really represented something to me."