Jennifer Aniston can run in Manolo Blahniks.

While many women struggle to even walk in sky-scraper highs, the stunning star admits she finds the footwear by the famous designer very comfortable.

Speaking at the premiere of her new movie 'The Bounty Hunter' in London's Leicester Square, Jennifer told BANG Showbiz: "Shockingly, Manolos are very comfortable for running considering they're four inches. Which is really good to know, though, if ever you should need to…"

As well as her love of heels, Jennifer is a huge fan of handbags and admits some of them are very precious to her.

Discussing what she would take out of a burning building, she said: "My handbag!"

In the movie, Jennifer - which she stars alongside Gerard Butler in - performs all of her stunts in high heels, which impressed the film's director Andy Tennant.

He said: "It was great having Gerry because he's just a hunk and really fun. He was willing to do everything, jump of roofs, roll around in cars, he was willing to do everything like that. And Jen, wearing heels, did all of her own stunts too."