Jennifer Aniston's beauty routine costs just $30 a month.

The 'Switch' actress - who advocates yoga and Pilates work-outs - says that she relies on Neutrogena soap bars to keep her youthful looks.

The 41-year-old actress uses the Peaches and Cream soap from the range and explained that she has "used it since high school."

A friend of the actress revealed that Jennifer has not changed her beauty routine since becoming a Hollywood star.

According to the Daily Express newspaper, a friend said: "She uses the same everyday brands that she did as a struggling actress and even though she has one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood, it costs her just $30 a month to maintain it."

The actress - who launched her own self-titled perfume at exclusive department store Harrods in London last month - loves the low-cost Cetaphil moisturising creams and lotions.

It has also been revealed that Jennifer prefers to shape her eyebrows herself.

Jennifer's friend explained: "She is a whizz at doing it, so she doesn't even need to go to a salon for waxing and tweezing anymore. Jen can afford lavish high-end face creams and beauty products but she doesn't spend an extra penny on cosmetics."