Jennifer Aniston has been awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She was joined by a cast of friends (no, not those ones) who helped her celebrate the occasion. One of those friends was the comic actor Adam Sandler, who appeared to be on top form when he introduced his Just Go With It co-star.

E! Online reported today (February 22, 2012) that Sandler introduced Jennifer by saying "Everyone loves this girl-my wife loves this girl, Justin Theroux loves this girl," referring to Aniston's current boyfriend. He went on to say "She prayed for three things. To have everyone in the entire world be fascinated with her haircut, to one day star in a movie about an evil leprechaun who kills people, and most importantly, receive a star on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame. Well today, Jennifer, the trifecta is here." Jennifer Aniston's boyfriend and Wanderlust co-star Justin Theroux was also on hand to support the former Friends actress in the celebration of her movie career - the first of the sitcom stars to earn a star on the infamous walkway.

Jennifer Aniston also spoke to E! News about being naked in front of fellow cast and crew members on the Wanderlust set, saying that she simply got used to the idea, after knowing them for a couple of months. "It's so natural, by the time it comes around you don't care. I realized, in this country we're so hung up on all that. In France, people walk around nude all the time!" Aniston has recently denied the rumours circulating in the media that she is pregnant with Theroux's child.