Jennifer Aniston has joined the cast of 'The Switch', a prequel to Tarantino's 'Jackie Brown'. Jennifer Aniston has also revealed that she isn't bothered about going topless for movies.

'The Switch', which will be based on ELMORE LEONARD's book, will take place 15 years before 'Jackie Brown'. Aniston will be playing Mickey Dawson, a woman who is kidnapped by Ordell and Louis. John Hawkes and Mos Def will play the roles of SAMUEL L. JACKSON and Robert De Niro in 'Jackie Brown', whilst Dennis Quaid is set to play Aniston's husband, a crooked real estate developer. The movie is scheduled for release next year.

In other news, Aniston has revealed she was unfazed about going topless in her new film 'Wanderlust'. According to The Sun, Aniston stated: 'You do get nervous when there's a day where it's oops, I'm naked. I wouldn't go topless for a cause, going to such an extreme to make a difference. But we've been among these people in this environment for almost two months. The topless scene was nothing compared to what happened in the two months prior. There was an actor naked the whole time getting his touch-ups and everybody else just having a normal conversation'

In 'Wanderlust', Aniston plays Manhattan girl Linda who, along with her husband George (Paul Rudd), ditches the city for a simpler life in a hippy commune.