Jennifer Aniston says simple products are the secret to youthful skin.

The 45-year-old actress is the brand ambassador for hair and skincare label Aveeno and claims using natural products with very few chemicals in them helps keep her skin glowing and looking its best.

Speaking about her 'The Beauty of Nature' mini-movie for the brand, she said: ''It was actually just to educate people and inform them on what goes into the product. I always like to read labels so I know what's going into our food, we like knowing what's going into our bodies.

''I thought it was really fun to see what's going into our skin. I always find that the simpler the better. The more potions and lotions that you start to mess with, I mean, for me, my skin would start to erupt!''

The 'We're the Millers' star - who is engaged to fellow actor Justin Theroux - also shared some of her other simple and affordable beauty secrets.

She told E! New that using cold cucumber to get rid of bags under the eyes is ''really good, but so are tea bags. Chamomile tea bags are really good. I also try not to eat salt.''

The 'Friends' actress claims she's been using Aveeno products for years and says you can trust them because they're not ''in a big fancy bottle'' trying to ''seduce you'' into think they will make you look younger.