Jennifer Aniston was reunited with her former boss when she surprised the restaurant manager during an appearance on U.S. Tv.

The Horrible Bosses actress served up hamburgers in New York City when she was starting out as an actress, and during an interview with Queen Latifah on Monday (01Dec14), she revealed she will never forget how supportive her first employer was of her acting dreams.

Aniston said, "I worked at a restaurant called Jackson Hole, a burger joint, I worked there for about two and a half years.

"They were so good to me and if I got (cast in) a crappy little play, or whatever awesome job I thought I received, my boss, Kimo, would let me go and do this play for two or three months and they always let me come back. My job was always there."

She added, "That was what I thought my real job was - a waitress. Then I would go do theatre on the side. They're Greeks, so they would always keep a home for a little Greek girl."

Latifah revealed that her crew had set up cameras in Jackson Hole, where Kimo still works, and they called him, much to his surprise.

After Kimo congratulated Aniston on all her success, the actress made sure he knew how much his belief in her talent meant to her, and said, "Thank you for supporting me all those years ago. It really meant the world to me."