Jennifer Aniston was left speechless on Chelsea Handler's U.S. chat show on Wednesday night (31Jul13) when the host revealed she had seen the actress' fiance naked and then suggested she strip a man for her bachelorette party.

Aniston was making an appearance on her friend's show promoting her new film We're the Millers when she was grilled about a new Star magazine story, which suggested she and her boyfriend Justin Theroux are secret nudists who love to wander around their home naked.

Stunned by the claims, the former Friends star told Handler, "We don't walk around nude, darlin'," which prompted the Chelsea Lately host to respond, "I've seen Justin naked, I hope you know that."

Aniston shot back, "That's because you barge into places you shouldn't be barging into."

Returning to the Star story, the actress added, "That's absolute Bs (bulls**t); imagine us with the chickens, like, what are we, like collecting eggs naked..."

However, the host wasn't finished embarrassing her pal and when Aniston started talking about her planned marriage to Theroux, she asked the comedienne and Tv personality what sort of bachelorette party she would throw her if she invited Handler to take charge of the bash over best pal Courteney Cox.

Handler asked her friend what sort of party she would like and when Aniston said, "I would like to just do a little trip to Cabo (Cabo San Lucas in Mexico) or something fun," the host responded, "What about some big black c**k?"

A stunned Aniston was briefly left speechless as the studio audience cheered and laughed at Handler's suggestion.