Jennifer Aniston appears in a new ad campaign for water brand 'Smartwater', cleverly titled 'Jen Aniston's Sex Tape'
Jennifer Aniston's new viral video for 'Smartwater' is taking the Internet by storm. The actress has promoted the company in the past, but the latest ad is creating an unprecedented amount of publicity. Aniston is seen frolicking with dozens of golden retriever puppies in the campaign, not dissimilar to the much-loved 'Andrex' ads in the UK .YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill also features in the bizarre video, but the Friends actress cuts short his famous lip syncing. The general premise of the ad is that three 'internet geeks' are attempting to figure out how they can best use the actress to generate more hits and take the video 'viral'. After discussing a name for the campaign, one of the 'geeks' suggests 'Jen Aniston's Sex Tape' and the ad ends with Aniston drinking seductively from a water bottle before saying, "I love it".
Jennifer Aniston recently topped the US box-office with the smash hit comedy 'Just Go With It'. The movie, starring Adam Sandler and Brooklyn Decker, took $31 million during its opening weekend.