Jennifer Aniston think self-help books are "important".

The 40-year-old actress - who has had a string of failed romances since splitting from ex-husband Brad Pitt - admits turning to positive reading material has helped her when she has been at her lowest ebb.

She said: "I believe in books that have been absolutely wonderful and I do think they're very helpful, hence the title, self help.

"I think it's important to read them. I think that some are, you know, there's over-analysing stuff, but I think that any kind of self-examination or education is a good thing."

Jennifer struggles with the amount of media attention her love-life garners, adding she doesn't understand why people are so interested in her.

She said: "It's all these people will talk about, I can't believe it. Do I look like an alien or have horns coming out of my head?

"It's always a funny feeling when you're walking down a street shooting a movie and all of a sudden, the paparazzi are there and everybody flees, because they don't want to be the person who is stuck with the 'mystery guy' arrow.

"My poor girlfriend - we were going on holiday and her boyfriend happened to walk with me onto the plane, so snap, snap, the next thing you knew, 'mystery man' and it was my friend's boyfriend!"