Jennifer Aniston saves messages from her old boyfriends.

The actress - who was previously married to Brad Pitt and has also dated singer John Mayer, model Paul Sculfor and actor Vince Vaughn - finds modern technology has changed dating styles and admits she pines for the old fashioned approach to romance.

She said: "I am not an internet person and it's so unreal to find an honest person online.

"I loved it when we used to have an answering machine - it was great to check your messages over and over again. By the way, I still have those tapes of messages. I like saving them."

The 'Management' star also insists honesty is the key to a good relationship.

When asked what it takes to make a relationship work, she replied: "Be honest. We have to let guys know who we really are. And set your boundaries - tell it like it is. Men are not mind-readers you know. Being honest is a time saver."