Jennifer Aniston has a crush on Steve Carrell and thinks he ''gets better with age''.

The 'Friends' star has confessed she was secretly swooning over the 56-year-old ''silver fox'' when they were filming their upcoming Apple TV+ 'The Morning Show' with Reese Witherspoon, Billy Crudup and Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

Asked who her secret crush was on 'The Talk' on Friday (14.06.19), the 50-year-old actress - who is single following her divorce from Justin Theroux in 2017 - she spilled: ''That was Steve Carell.

''He's like a silver fox now. And he's so shy, and fantastic. He gets better with age.''

Jennifer's crush confession comes after the blonde beauty admitted she and her friends ''got pretty hammered'' when they feared their plane was going to crash.

The 'Marley & Me' star and a group of pals - including actress Courteney Cox and Jimmy Kimmel's wife Molly McNearney - were flying to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate her 50th birthday in January but they had to turn back and land in Ontario, California, after losing a wheel during take off.

The group boarded a new plane the next day, much to the shock of a number of people they knew.

She said: ''Everyone was like, 'How could you get on another plane?' I was like, 'Listen, we all had to fly around for six hours dumping fuel, we all got pretty hammered 'cause who knew what the end of this was gonna be. Let's go out with some tequila.' ''

The 'Murder Mystery' actress initially didn't realise why missing a wheel would be a problem, but realised her friends were ''panicking'' - and was thankful to receive a text from Ellen DeGeneres.

Speaking on the talk show host's show on last week, she said: ''Everybody on the plane started panicking. Everyone who I look to for comfort has got tears streaming down their faces. They're texting their children, their partners, their loved ones.

''And I was like, 'Who do I text? And then 'Bing!' You were the first person that was like, 'Are you okay?' And I was like, 'Ellen! I do have someone who loves me!' ''

Ellen added: ''I heard from someone Jen's plane is in trouble, they had an emergency landing. So I texted you right away.''

Even after she saw how upset her friends were, Jennifer still didn't fully grasp the seriousness of the situation.

She added: ''But I couldn't believe how calm I became and everyone else wasn't.

''We had to fly around for like six hours to dump the fuel, which still wasn't occurring to me this might be because if we land badly, it will explode.''