Jennifer Aniston celebrates her birthday all the time.

The 'Wanderlust' actress turned 44 on Monday (11.02.13) but has had little time to honour the occasion, but she insists that doesn't upset her as she has fun every day anyway.

She said: ''They just come rapid-fire. I feel like the last one just happened! I want to say, 'Let's sloooow down.' I have fun all the time, so I'm not worried. I can have a form of a birthday any day. ''

Jennifer - who is engaged to Justin Theroux -is currently working on new movie 'Meet the Millers', as well as promoting hair care line Living Proof but insists she doesn't mind being so busy because she enjoys her career so much.

She told WWD: ''When it rains, it pours. I'm having a ball. I'm loving this movie, and [busyness] isn't bad, because I'm enjoying myself.''

And when she does have some free time, the former 'Friends' star wants to move behind the camera.

Asked if she wants to direct, she said: ''Absolutely, that is 100 percent in my future.

''I want to be a part of stories that teach people and create awareness, that create forward motion and give back. Then I feel like I can go to bed peacefully.''