Jennifer Aniston's new perfume is more of a ''sensual'' scent than her previous fragrances.

The 48-year-old actress has launched a new cosmetic product titled Luxe, and the style icon has admitted her latest merchandise is different to her other perfume because it has a ''little more depth''.

Speaking to PEOPLE about her latest venture, the former 'Friends' actress - who released her debut perfume Jennifer Aniston in 2011 - said: ''The others were all a little bit more of a California beach girl vibe, [so] I wanted to go in a more sensual direction, because I hadn't really done that before. [It has] a little more depth, base and weight to it.

''In this one, I love the fresh, citrus [and] floral notes mixed with the warm base notes like the tonka bean.''

Jennifer has previously released J by Jennifer Aniston scene, Near Dusk and Beachscape, and although the American beauty is ''playing'' with her latest creation, her first perfume is the one she is most ''partial'' to wearing.

She explained: ''It's the newest one, so I am playing with that, but I always go back to my original, very first fragrance, which I am partial to.''

And Jennifer has revealed she will ask her husband Justin Theroux, as well as her friends, for their opinion on her products.

She explained: ''He sniffs them, so do my girlfriends. I always have blotters around. I think it's interesting that a perfume will smell different on one arm to another arm and also who sort of responds to certain ones. You are trying to satisfy a wide range which is a little challenging.''

The 'The Bounty Hunter' star has revealed she will spray her fragrance in the air and run through the midst so she isn't ''overwhelmed'' by the perfume.

Speaking about her method of applying the product, she said: ''I usually also love to spray it in the air and run through it, so you have a hint of it, but you're not overwhelmed by it.''