Jennifer Aniston's ''pet peeve'' is having someone else's fragrance rub off on her.

The 48-year-old actress - who created her first scent in 2011 - has recently released her latest fragrance titled Chapter One, and the star has admitted there is nothing worse than entering a confined space and coming out ''loaded with some really horrible scent''.

She explained: ''No one wants to go into an elevator and then walk out smelling like someone else! That's something I have a pet peeve about: Someone giving you a hug and they're loaded with some really horrible scent and you're just like, 'Oh now I smell like that person for the rest of the day!' I hate that.''

And the 'Friends' star has revealed her husband Justin Theroux, 46, had no involvement in her latest venture because beauty is ''not his department''.

Speaking about her recent creation, the brunette beauty said: ''He's not involved in this whatsoever. This is not his department.

''It's a feminine mix of florals, citrus and woodsy notes that is captivating and chic but still approachable.''

And Jennifer has admitted she has no plans to expand her cosmetics range and launch an after-shave capsule because she is ''not big'' on men's cologne.

When asked about the possibility of creating a male beauty collection to PEOPLE, the 'Just Go With It' star said: ''I'm not big on it.

''I've probably got PTSD from cab rides in New York City that ended in pure suffocation.''

And to make sure Jennifer does not feel ''overwhelmed'' by perfume she will spray her perfume in the air and run through the midst.

Speaking previously about her method of applying the product, she said: ''I usually also love to spray it in the air and run through it, so you have a hint of it, but you're not overwhelmed by it.''