Jennifer Aniston's representative has responded to claims the Hollywood actress could make an appearance on daytime drama 'Days of Our Lives'. Speculation circulating the web suggested Jennifer could be readying a cameo on the NBC show to rescue dwindling ratings, reports E! Online.
Although the actress' father John Aniston has appeared on the show for decades, it seems the Friends star has no intention of helping out the soap opera. The initial rumour suggested the actress would play a wedding planner hired to marry off her father's character, however, her representative confirmed there is no truth in the rumours, and Jennifer will be concentrating on her movies roles as usual. 78-year-old John has played the same character for 24 years, appearing in 1,999 episodes. In recent years, the show's once booming audience has begun dwindling - just like other soap operas such as the recently axed 'All My Children'. Days of Our Lives has aired almost every weekday in the United States in November 1965.
Aniston recently completed the comedy flick 'Wanderlust', about an urban couple who begin to live a more counter-cultural lifestyle. It was on the set of the movie that she met current beau JUSTIN THEROUX.