The 47-year-old actress stars as company boss Carol Vanstone in the festive comedy, who is left aghast when her branch manager brother throws a festive bash for the organisation.

The role required Jennifer to channel her inner mean girl, which the former Friends star relished as it's so different from her actual personality.

"I always do (love playing an antagonist), because it’s so absurdly mean, it’s so unapologetic that it’s fun for someone who can barely return a meal if it’s incorrect," Jennifer admitted during an interview on British television show Lorraine on Thursday (01Dec16).

"She’s got a reason, though, she’s got a little bit of a chip on her shoulder because of this brother/sister dynamic where he has kind of got away with everything in spite of his goofball-ness."

Jennifer has made a name for herself starring in comedies such as We're The Millers, Office Space and Horrible Bosses. She was also given the opportunity to explore her dramatic skills in 2014 movie Cake, for which she earned critical acclaim.

"Cake was small and I was really excited to do that because you get to a point where you almost don’t know if you’re capable of doing it," she continued. "So for me it was really exciting and empowering to know that there's more places to go, and not be afraid of, if I fell flat on my face."

Dabbling in various movie genres means Jennifer has had the chance to work out which is the hardest - with comedy coming top of the list. During her time on hit U.S. TV show Friends, actors including Bruce Willis and Julia Roberts had cameo roles, but Jennifer admits they often struggled with the concept of shooting a comedy series in front of a live audience.

"We watched a lot of actors when we were shooting Friends years ago - a lot of actors would come from film, guest stars, and they were scared," she said. "It was a scary arena to be in front of a live audience and what is comedy? Comedy is nothing but being truthful and honest but just with crazy, odd circumstances behind it."