Jennifer Aniston has revealed a huge fake baby bump in a spoof video.

The 'Friends' actress can be seen as a ditzy mother-of-two, who is expecting triplets, and mocking her celebrity lifestyle in a collaboration with US water brand Smartwater.

'American Idol' host Ryan Seacrest makes a cameo with a mock news report, revealing leaked security tapes from Jennifer's home.

During the video, the 43-year-old beauty is seen climbing into a new car and calling a saleswoman Demi instead of her proper name Mimi.

Shortly after driving away she she reverses and crashes the vehicle, announcing: ''I forgot my smartwater.''

The video then cuts to Jennifer revealing a baby bump, which has been squashed underneath a Velcro band.

As viewers are exposed to her huge tummy, she says: ''How are my little triplets doing? You must be so thirsty'' - then drinking from a bottle of Smartwater.

US comedian and TV host Jimmy Kimmel makes a hilarious appearance as one of Jennifer's sons, while the other son is simply a small man in an alien suit.

At the end of the video the comical actress - who played Rachel Green in 'Friends' - is seen standing in front of a mirror and says: ''Good night Rachel,'' before taking off a wig to show frizzy unkempt locks.

Although Jennifer doesn't have children in real life her recent engagement to 'Mulholland Drive' actor Justin Theroux, 41, last month could see her situation change.