Justin Theroux evidently didn't win over his girlfriend Jennifer Aniston with any charm or good looks; it would appear that it was in fact the actor's break dancing that did for the former 'Friends' star and made her putty in his hands. Theroux was talking to Ellen Degeneres on her show, reports Usa Today, when he revealed that the actress has been obsessed with his dancing skills ever since she saw him in the film 'Zoolander' busting a groove.
"Actually when my girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston) - I don't know if any of you guys know her? - She just recently celebrated a birthday and ever since she saw Zoolander she's been obsessed with making me breakdance," said Theroux, insisting again, "Literally obsessed with it. I breakdanced at a friends wedding. So she's been saying when are you going to breakdance?" He went on to reveal that at the end of celebrating her birthday she got out his "breaking shoes" and forced him to strut his stuff in front of her. Keen not to miss a trick, DeGeneres brought out her own pair of "breaking shoes," and an affable Theroux happily jumped up and put some moves in.
In truth he came across differently from the perception Aniston had given of him recently, with the UK's Daily Mail reporting that she'd told the program 'Good Morning America' "He's just the most cold, icy, fishy kind of a guy, I'm trying to warm him up but you know..."