Jennifer Aniston loves ''no nonsense'' hair.

The former 'Friends' actress - who inspired legions of fans to get 'The Rachel' bob cut in the 90s - is a huge fan of supermodel Kate Moss' tousled blonde locks and prefers the dishevelled look to Duchess Catherine's perfect curls.

Talking to about her style icons, she explained: ''What do they say? 'The grass is always greener'. I always loved Kate Moss' hair.

''Somehow that got misquoted as I love Kate Middleton's hair (which I think is an absolutely gorgeous head of hair by the way) - but I definitely said Kate Moss. And I love Gisele's hair - it's so gorgeous. I just love no-nonsense hair; I think it's sexy.''

Jennifer chopped off her luscious locks last year and was seen sporting a bob, and her hair has since grown back thicker.

She added: ''I love long hair, I really love it, I always have. Sometimes I have those moments when it's nice to change it up, cut it off and really bring it back. My hair from this last haircut has grown back so thick.''