Jennifer Aniston loved playing an "absolute crazy sexual nymphomaniac" in 'Horrible Bosses'.

The 42-year-old actress took the part of a sex-crazed dentist in the film as it is an unusual part for a woman, and makes a dramatic change from the romantic comedies she has previously appeared in.

Speaking at the film's European premiere at London's BFI Southbank, she told BANG Showbiz: "You can't ever have any regrets. The best thing about playing this role was getting to play an absolute crazy sexual nymphomaniac. Parts like that aren't written for women that often."

In the film, Jennifer's character, Dr. Julia Harris, tries to entice her assistant, Dale - played by Charlie Day - away from his fiancee, in a range of increasingly racy ways, including scenes in which Jennifer was afraid of embarrassing her co-star.

She added: "I was constantly apologising to Charlie for what my character was doing to him."

In one scene Jennifer posed in only a lab coat, underwear and stockings, and Charlie admits he had his work cut out for him, having to act like he wasn't interested in her.

He said: "It's pretty difficult trying to pretend to not be attracted to Jennifer Aniston.

"Red Blooded men aren't going to sympathise with me, I can tell you that much."

Also attending the premiere were co-stars Jason Sudekis and Jason Bateman. 'Horrible Bosses' is in UK Cinemas from Friday (22.07.11).