Jennifer Aniston has been praised for her performance alongside Friends co-star Courtney Cox, in last night's episode of 'Cougar Town' (22nd September 2010). The 41-year-old appeared in the season two premiere as 'Glenn', a therapist who convinces Cox's character Jules that she can solve all her issues.
The episode involved Glenn advising Jules on how to deal with the fact that her love interest Grayson (played by Josh Hopkins) wanted some alone time. Aniston's performance was described by US Weekly as "hilariously wily", also stating that, "Glenn isn't all she appears to be, and the actress herself is clearly having a blast playing a smarmy New Age type". Despite only just beginning its second series, 'Cougar Town' has gained positive reviews since its premiere back in September 2009. The sitcom focuses on a recently divorced woman (played by Cox) who decides that she must re-enter the dating scene and find herself a younger man.
Despite Aniston's appearance being a one-off cameo, she currently has a number of other projects lined up. She is set to star alongside Adam Sandler in the 2011 comedy 'Just Go With It', and is currently filming 'Wanderlust', a movie with Paul Rudd.