Jennifer Aniston is a clothes hoarder.

The 44-year-old actress still has items in her wardrobe that she's owned since she was a teenager because she can't bring herself to throw anything away.

She said: ''I have clothes from high school. Clothes from when I was 19, even from when 'Friends' started.

''My Levi's that have holes in them, that I'd fold up, and I'd wear with these little red loafers and a black button-up shirt. And it was stylin'.''

The natural beauty is a fan of no-fuss clothes and says she is so obsessed with basic tank tops that she even chooses red carpet gowns which look like her favourite fashion staple.

Jennifer told the new US edition of Glamour magazine: ''I'm pretty basic. I pretty much have my uniform. A boyfriend jean, a wedge, a tank top. At night, I change the tank top to black and add some chains.

''Even on the red carpet, it has to be comfortable. I usually try to get some form of a t-shirt that looks like a gown. Like a longer tank top. A tank top, but with glitter on it.''

The star ensures she stays slim by following a strict diet of lean protein and lots of vegetables, especially leafy green kale.

She recently admitted: ''When I really wanted to have a cheat day, I had to have a kale chip.''