Jennifer Aniston would have been an interior designer if she failed as an actress.

The 42-year-old beauty shot to fame playing Rachel Green in 'Friends' for 10 seasons and since the series ended in 2004 she has become an established Hollywood star, but she had other career plans if her screen ambitions didn't come to fruition.

Jennifer - whose first film role was in 1993 horror movie 'Leprechaun' - said: "If I weren't an actor; I'd be, maybe, an interior designer. I love seeing a house and thinking about how it should be redone or restored. I spent a lot of time doing my current house, and it's beautiful. It's like a beautiful work of art, and I'm very proud of it."

However, Jennifer wouldn't have been a waitress like her alter-ego Rachel - because she tried it and she had too many accidents.

Speaking to the new US issue of Marie Claire magazine, the 'Horrible Bosses' star said: "I dropped more than one Alpine burger in customers' laps, and you just do not want all of that Swiss cheese and mushrooms in your pants. I wasn't a good waitress, but I was told that I was very nice and charming, so people liked me anyway."