Jennifer Aniston has revealed she "fell" for her 'Horrible Bosses' character.

The 'Friends' actress - who stars alongside Jason Bateman (Nick), Charlie Day (Dale) and Jason Sudeikis (Kurt) in the movie, which tells the story of three unhappy friends who join forces to kill their managers Dave, Bobby and Julia, who are played by Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell and Jennifer respectively - revealed filming for the role was "over way too fast".

She told FOX411's Pop Tarts column: "It was fun, over way too fast. I loved her [Julia] and was sad to see her go. I loved her, I fell for her.

"I loved The Script, I thought it was extremely unique idea that everybody universally would be able to relate to, in terms of having a boss that's a little difficult. The part was irresistible."

Jennifer - who starred as loveable Rachel in 'Friends' - plays devious dentist Dr. Julia Harris who makes sexual advances on her assistant in a bid to destroy his forthcoming wedding.

'Horrible Bosses' is set to be released in the US tomorrow (08.07.11).