Jennifer Aniston says the constant pregnancy rumours about her are ''boring''.

The 44-year-old actress sparked speculation she was expecting a child with her fiancé Justin Theroux earlier this month when she appeared to be showing off a hint of a baby bump at the world premiere of 'We're the Millers' in New York.

Jennifer brushed the rumours off as ''silly fodder'' to sell papers and scoffed that people will definitely know when she is actually pregnant.

She told Yahoo omg!: ''You could get the message out until you turned blue and that will still be a headline! Oh whatever, it's all just silly fodder!

''It's just boring, when it happens you will see it! Because that will keep growing as opposed to coming and going!''

This isn't the first time the Hollywood sweetheart has been the subject of baby rumours, and she doesn't understand why the world is so fascinated by her family life.

She sighed: ''I know - they do [get obsessed]! I don't know why!''

The brunette beauty - who is expected to wed Justin before the end of the year - is so frustrated by the made-up stories, she joked she would like to run over the fake baby bump.

She laughed: ''Do I feel like I just want to throw the fake baby into the street and have a semi run over it? Sounds terrible! I would never do that to a baby!''