Jennifer Aniston may still be fuming over former husband Brad Pitt's comments that he wasn't "living an interesting life" with her, but she seemed in good spirits at a charity auction in New York on Thursday night (25/9) - even dropping a staggering $450,000 on a single piece to contribute to a total amount of $13,662,000 raised for health and eduction in Haiti, which is still recovering from the natural disasters that hit the Caribbean island last year.

Attending the 'Artists For Haiti' auction with boyfriend Justin Theroux, the Daily Mail reports that the 42 year-old didn't make the winning bid herself but "clapped enthusiastically" as Theroux raised his hand. The artwork she won is titled 'Stranger #44,' an abstract work of oil, graphite and charcoal on canvas by artist GLENN LIGON.

Co-hosting the auction was Ben Stiller who also hosted a dinner for his own charity this week, 'The Stiller Foundation,' which saw Aniston and Theroux attend alongside actress Susan Sarandon and music producer MIKE JEAN.

While all was happy on the public appearance front this week, behind the scenes Aniston's team of publicists and agents got in touch with those working for Pitt in order for the actor be given a slap on the wrist. Though he has subsequently apologised for his comments and insisted they were taken out of context, a source told the Mail "No one believes his words were taken out of context - he said what he said. I do hear that he's remorseful."