In her latest film, We're The Miller, the typically girl-next-door Jennifer Aniston will be going more Horrible Bosses than Friends as she takes on the role of a common street prostitute.
The 43 (!) year-old actress has been snapped by paps whilst on the film's set in Wilmington, North Carolina, looking relatively covered up. However more recent photos from the set have seen the actress looking much more in character, with one particular snap being circulated across the web showing her wearing very short shorts and a raisin-smuggling white tank top.
Her co-star Emma Roberts had previously Tweeted that working with Aniston was "dream come true" and given the snaps we've see so far, we know just what she's talking about.
The actress, often criticized for her typecast roles, has been sticking it too her critics with some of her more recent roles and looks to go even further with her upcoming picture We're The Millers.
The film sees her and Roberts star as a pair of prostitutes hired by a veteran pot dealer who, in a bid to move a huge shipment of weed into the U.S. from Mexico, creates a fake family - enlisting the help of the street-roaming pair. Jason Sudeikis is set to star as the dealer.