Jennifer Aniston says Justin Theroux ''hijacks'' her beauty products.

The 45-year-old star admitted her fiance has become obsessed and always tries to borrow her things to make himself look as good as possible, and she finds it ''hysterical''.

Speaking to E! News, she said: ''It's hysterical. What product doesn't he try to hijack?

''He's good to his skin, that's for sure. It's always, 'what are you using, what is that?' It's cute.''

The 'We're The Millers' actress admitted she has had to put her sunbathing days behind her after not taking enough care of her skin.

She added: ''The sun, I feel, is like my friend I've had to say goodbye to,'' she said ruefully. ''I was terrible as a kid. It was baby oil [that she rubbed on her body]...I mean, we all did it.''

Jennifer recently insisted she was feeling ''better'' than ever lately, becoming a lot more comfortable in herself.

She previously said: ''I feel like I felt when I was 28. My bones don't hurt. I feel great. I actually feel better, more confident. Of course I still have the nerves, but now I know how to control them.

''When I was in my twenties, I wasn't sure of myself. Now I can really stretch. I don't have to stay in the box. At this point I can say to myself, 'So what if I fall, so what?' I'm going to get back up.''