Celebrity gossips in America are all abuzz with news that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn's romance is for real after the SWINGERS star reportedly took the actress home to meet his folks.

The former FRIENDS star flew from a magazine shoot in Mexico to join Vaughn is his native Chicago, Illinois, on 11 October (06), where the couple were spotted enjoying each other's company in the actor's favourite haunts, including the Holiday Club bar and Gibson's restaurant, where locals spotted them "kissing and making out".

Local photographers then caught the couple kissing, cuddling and strolling around Lake Forest where Vince grew up, and dining with Vaughn's mother and stepfather.

The couple, who became close friends after meeting on the set of new film THE BREAK-UP, rounded off their romantic rendezvous in Chicago on Saturday (15OCT05), when they were spotted enjoying breakfast together on Aniston's hotel balcony.