LATEST: Jennifer Aniston's teenage sweetheart has scrapped an internet auction of love letters and memorabilia sent by the former FRIENDS star after she complained about the sale.

Lawyer MICHAEL BARONI had wanted $100,000 (GBP55,000) for the personal items, which he planned to sell on website eBay, but withdrew his plans when Aniston made her feeling on the matter clear.

Baroni briefly dated Aniston in 1984 and still has photos of the pair together and letters and notes she sent him - one written with her lipstick.

He says, "I have voluntarily cancelled the eBay auction upon receiving word from one of Jennifer's representatives that she didn't want me conducting the auction.

"I have nothing but fond memories of Jennifer as a friend and only wish her well."

Baroni's package of personal mementoes also features an autographed photo from the cast of Friends and a December 2004 copy of US magazine In Touch, which features an article about their relationship.

31/07/2005 02:22