Jennifer Aniston received a vital lesson in the differences between the sexes in new movie THE BREAK-UP. Aniston stars alongside real life boyfriend Vince Vaughn in the film which documents the difficulties faced when a couple split. It is a familiar scenario for the actress who, after seven years of marriage to Hollywood star Brad Pitt, finalised her divorce in March (06). But the FRIENDS actress insists she has learnt important things from the movie which could help her avoid another break-up in future. She says, "For me it underlined the fact that men and women speak a different language, and there are times when both parties in a relationship need to take more time to understand. "If we accept that there are differences between the sexes, then we have a chance of walking through it all a lot easier. It's when you get frustrated with the difference that it gets difficult. You learn to give and take. That's what makes it interesting."