Jennifer Aniston's co-star on U.S. TV show 30 ROCK has praised the actress, branding her "an absolute delight".
Actor Jack MCBrayer, who appeared in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, confesses he was starstruck when the former Friends actress started shooting scenes for the show - but admits she was "lovely to be around".
He says, "It (Aniston's performance) was really fantastic. It was impressive. We were all taking notes.
"I think we are all starstruck with her. She was an absolute delight. She's such a pro, and she was just so lovely to be around."
And even though MCBrayer only has one scene with Aniston, he did have enough time to approach the star off-set.
He adds, "We don't necessarily interact, but you'll see me in the background. I got a picture taken with her, so that's all I needed."