The cast and crew on Jennifer Aniston's upcoming movie are finally in a pleasant working environment, after a string of controversies affecting production.

The movie began production in July (04) with OCEAN'S ELEVEN writer TED GRIFFIN directing. But he was abruptly dismissed by Warner BROS just eight days into shooting, following rumours that Aniston was unimpressed with the quality of the comedy, and that leading man Kevin Costner and Griffin had many angry clashes.

Rob Reiner then stepped in to take over the Griffin-penned movie - appropriately called RUMOR HAS IT - and Tony Bill's part was cut, with SHIRLEY MacLAINE and Mena Suvari remaining.

Mark Ruffalo, who also stars in the film, says, "It's a different movie, and it's taking a certain amount of acclimation to find my way in it, but I feel good with it.

"I love Ted, and I love the old script, but this is equally as good a project."

The project is an update of classic movie The Graduate, which focuses on a young woman, played by Aniston, who finds out her grandmother, played by MacLaine, was the basis for the famous MRS ROBINSON character from the 1967 original film.

05/10/2004 02:29