Actress Jennifer Aniston is ashamed of some of the movies she has made in her career and labels Rock Star and PICTURE PERFECT as "unfortunate" choices.

The Friends actress struggled for years to transfer her TV success to the big screen, but was finally achieved critical acclaim and box office millions with The Good Girl, Bruce Almighty and Along Came Polly.

Reminiscing on her role in 1997 comedy Picture Perfect, Aniston says, "Picture imperfect. This whole thing was unfortunate. It was nice of KEVIN BACON to be a part of that movie.

"I'm glad it didn't ruin his career."

And the award-winning funnygirl is so embarrassed about 2001's ROCK STAR, she hates being reminded of it.

She says, "Let's not talk about this. Who knows why I chose to do this movie."

12/05/2004 20:58