Jennifer Aniston tunes into medical reality shows whenever the pressures of Hollywood stress her out because she finds the bloody operations fascinating.
The former Friends actress dreamed of becoming a surgeon when she was a kid after watching hours of "educational" medical programmes with her father - the only TV shows she was permitted to watch during her childhood.
Aniston later decided to pursue a career in acting, but she insists she still has a strong interest in cutting people open and turns to the TV surgeries when she needs to "decompress".
She tells Elle magazine, "The two things I was eventually allowed to watch on TV as a kid, and usually only with my father, were (news show) 60 Minutes and documentary medical programmes, because they were educational. So I would watch surgeries while eating dinner.
"My dream would be to become a microsurgeon because those surgeries, with the intense focus and detail you can't imagine, completely fascinate me.
"When I watch... reality shows where people come into the ER (emergency room) with a bullet wound and the doctor basically shoves her finger into it to keep the blood from spurting out - I could easily do that stuff."