Jennifer Aniston was once a prime prankster who used to place cutlery and unwanted food items in unsuspecting shoppers' trolleys. The former FRIENDS star admits one of her favourite pastimes as a teenager was secretly filling customers' carts at supermarkets and then watching as they tried to figure out what was going on at the check-out. She confesses, "My girlfriends and I would do it to each other... You'd just try to slip in some ridiculous thing sweetbreads or tongue - something disgusting that they would never eat. "And then we just started doing it to strangers for some reason because we were bored, and it was awful - really strange, obscure things. "They'll (supermarkets) have a houseware section and you'd just put plates and silverware and stuff like that (in baskets) and then you'd get up to the front of the cashiers and watch them (shoppers) go through the check-out line. "For some reason it was utterly entertaining. There were some people that were p**sed off."