Jennifer Aniston can't stop talking about her private life in the press - because she's bombarded by "creative" reporters who find ways to "wiggle in the personal question".
The star has been outspoken during recent interviews about her on/off relationship with rocker John Mayer.
And she's finally spoken out, after years of silence, about her 2005 split from husband Brad Pitt and his relationship with Angelina Jolie.
But Aniston insists her recent candour comes only as a result of sneaky reporters.
She says, "You know what it is? People get creative - they realise it's enough, stop talking about it. (Then) at a press junket, they'll always figure out a way to wiggle in the personal question.
"It's like, 'Don't ask about the movie,' but then with (new film) Marley and Me, this one person says, 'In this movie, you were a mother and the wife of a man. Does this inspire you to want to have three children and be the wife of a man?'
"And I go, 'You know what? If it wasn't for this movie, this seed would've never been planted. Thank you.'"