Jennifer Aniston has trumped her ex-husband Brad Pitt's new partner Angelina Jolie - by earning a reported $13 million (£8.9 million) more than her in 2008.
Aniston is said to have earned a staggering $27 million (£18.4 million) on the strength of films such as Marley & Me - while the Tomb Raider star took in $14 million (£9.5 million).
But neither actress could top R&B singer Beyonce, whose film career and latest album I AmSasha Fierce pocketed her a cool $80 million (£55 million) last year.
Her husband, rapper Jay-Z, did even better - adding another $82 million (£56 million) to his growing fortune.
Meanwhile, actor/director Tyler Perry brought home a whopping $125 million (£85 million) and funnyman Will Ferrell's bank account inflated by $31 million (£21 million).
The superstars' salaries were researched and reported by U.S. magazine Parade.