Actress Jennifer Aniston has heaped praise on the paparazzi who follow her everywhere, after they helped her rescue a lost dog.The former Friends star was driving along busy Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles when the husky darted out in front of her.
The animal-loving actress pulled over, slowed traffic and made an effort to catch the mutt - shouting at snappers who were trying to take her picture.
And she was delighted when the photographers put their cameras down and started helping her.
She went public with her praise on Friday (06Feb09), during an appearance on U.S. TV chat show Ellen.
The actress said, "I had this moment of going, 'Oh come on, this is a lost dog; why don't you help out and go and find the owner?' - and he actually did."
And she also singled out the snappers who helped save her own dog, Norman, when he ran away last month (Jan09).
She added, "Norman got out twice... and the paparazzi returned him.
"There's a moment when all of a sudden these people that are so inhumane they're not people; they seem like people that lurk in black cars and rush you... they're human."