Jennifer Aniston has grown terrified of taking to the streets of Los Angeles in her car because she is being followed by hardened criminals who will do anything to get a snap of her.

The former FRIENDS star admits she's horrified when she looks in her rear-view mirror and sees gangs of ruthless paparazzi trying to track her down - using any means necessary.

She reveals, "They're just so reckless. If I drive really slowly and watch what's happening behind me, these men are driving on sidewalks, they're cutting through intersections. It's very weird.

"Now they are hiring gang members. It's a whole new breed. There's this whole new photo agency that's been started... and they are basically hiring retired gangsters.

"They're told they just need to shoot a picture. They don't have to have any photography school. They just have to know how to be aggressive and scare the s**t out of people and get the picture."