Former FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston has reconciled with her estranged mother, after reaching out to her during her painful divorce from Brad Pitt. Aniston has twice broken off communication with her mother, NANCY - once after she gave an interview about her famous daughter to a tabloid TV show and again when she wrote a book about their relationship. She explains, "I didn't talk to my mother for two years, but then I was getting married and thought, 'She ought to know the man I'm going to marry. So get over it. If she can't apologise, I'll do it.' "So we got together once, and it went great, except she neglected to tell me she was doing this book." The RUMOUR HAS IT star decided to reach out to her mother again during her divorce, which was strikingly similar to the divorce her mother had gone through years earlier. Aniston's soap opera star father, JOHN, left her mother for another woman when Aniston was nine-years-old. She adds, "One thing my parents marriage taught me - my mother actually - is to be independent. She didn't have her own life, other than her kids, so when my dad left, she was devastated. "You have to have a career, a passion - a fallback position. "No matter how small or ugly, there is always something to be learned, if only to say, 'I forgive,' though, of course, you still have your moments of not forgetting." Aniston claims her restored relationship with her mother is "pretty fantastic, but we're taking it really, really slowly."