Jennifer Aniston has purchased her first home since divorcing Brad Pitt last year (05) and is moving back to the former couple's neighbourhood in Beverly Hills. In April (06) Pitt and Aniston sold their Beverly Hills home for close to its $24.95 million (GBP13.8 million) asking price and now she has purchased a new home nearby for $15 million (GBP8.3 million). The 37-year-old's new abode is an early 1970s modernist one-story house with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms designed by architect HAL LEVITT. Levitt has also designed homes for MARY KATE and Ashley Olsen, Sex And The City creator DARREN STAR and late writer NORMAN COUSINS. Since the couple split, she has been leasing a two-bedroom home with 50 feet (15 meters) of beachfront in Malibu, California. The beach house rents for approximately $25,000-$30,000 per month (GBP14,000-17,000), which skyrockets to $100,000 (GBP555,000) a month or more in July and August. The Emmy-winner often walks her dogs on the beach and barbecues with her FRIENDS co-star and Malibu neighbour COURTENEY COX ARQUETTE.