Jennifer Aniston has made history by becoming men's magazine GQ's first ever Woman Of The Year.

The former FRIENDS star poses topless on one of three covers for the new magazine, and is named alongside rumoured boyfriend Vince Vaughn and rapper 50 CENT as the publication's people of 2005 - the first time a woman has topped the men's list.

Editor MARK HEALY insists the decision to honour Aniston isn't a gimmick: "Sometimes, when you think someone is deserving, then you make room."

In the accompanying GQ article, Aniston admits she regrets making public statements about her former romance with Brad Pitt, insisting she plans to be much more private about her love life in future.

She accepts Gwyneth Paltrow was right to criticise her and Pitt for being so open about private matters, stating, "You know she's right, she's absolutely correct. I feel like there is a graveyard of celebrity couples who now have learned their lesson."