FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston joined her TV mum Marlo Thomas in a fashion show on Tuesday night (19AUG03) to raise charity cash for sick kids.

The actress joined WEST WING star Allison Janney, Calista Flockhart, Gabrielle Union and Jennifer Love Hewitt to strut her stuff for Los Angeles' RUNWAY FOR LIFE event ST JUDE'S RESEARCH HOSPITAL.

Aniston jumped at the chance to help out after Thomas gave her an insight into her own chosen cause.

She says, "I went to one of the events and I was hooked straight away. It's a really good cause."

Model Rachel Hunter, who also took part in the fashion show, admits she was impressed with Aniston's catwalk skills.

She says, "I thought she was very good. I mean I'm an oaf on the catwalk. It wasn't such a big thing back in the day. You need to know what you're doing these days."

The event raised $2 million (GBP1.25 million) for the charity.

21/08/2003 09:32