Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston nearly turned down a role in new movie MARLEY & Me - because she didn't like the book on which the film was based.
The former Friends star was given several copies of the novel, Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog, as gifts in 2005.
And she was reluctant to sign up to a role in the film - because she was so unimpressed with the book, she kept it in her bathroom without ever reading it.
The star eventually changed her mind after seeing the script, but still harboured fears cinema-goers would share her initial reaction to the concept.
Aniston says, "I'm really pleased people like the film, because initially I wasn't sure about it.
"A few people had given me the book for Christmas the year it came out, but I thought it was one of those little books that people keep in the bathroom. It was only when I read the script and then the book, that I realised it was more than a story about a dog."