Jennifer Aniston was so desperate to get pal Woody Harrelson to sign up for her new film MANAGEMENT she spent a fortune on a long-distance call, reading the script to the actor.
Harrelson was the first choice to play Aniston's yoghurt mogul husband in the film but he passed on the project because he didn't like his character.
As a result, director Stephen Belber turned to Jason Patric - but couldn't get Harrelson out of his head.
So he rewrote the script, recreated Aniston's movie husband and then asked her to get her old pal on the phone.
Aniston says, "Ive known Woody for a long time. He originally passed on the role and then he didnt get the rewrite, where all of his questions and concerns were answered, and so it was all about just trying to convince him.
"I remember reading the scene over the phone to him, playing both of our parts and cracking up."
Harrelson agreed to sign on for the film and Belber will always be grateful to his leading lady: "I had done rewrites for Woodys role because I took a reading with Jason Patric but he was a little too young for what I wanted, but hes a very intense, cerebral guy and he had given me notes on the character and I took it to heart.
"So I was able to send rewrites to Woody and, with Jens help, he came to do it. It was a real favour that Jen called him."