Actress Jennifer Aniston is often so desperate to avoid the frenzied attention she attracts in public, she refuses to step out of her home.

The former FRIENDS star - who underwent a high-profile split with husband Brad Pitt earlier this month (JAN05) - is regularly hounded by star-stuck fans on the streets, much to the frustration of the Hollywood beauty who craves anonymity when she's out shopping.

And Aniston admits she always chooses to stay indoors when she's not working.

She says, "Some days you just don't go out because you don't want to deal with it. I don't want to go out if I don't have to.

"I'll go to work, of course. Some days, you just don't want to be bothered, because if one person came up to me and asks, 'What's so great about you?' And you're like, 'Nothing.' And I'd probably take her out."

31/01/2005 02:33