Jennifer Aniston is apologising to the ferret-loving community, after her Along Came Polly co-star Ben Stiller made cutting remarks about the creatures.

On the set of the hit comedy, Stiller was bitten on the chin by a ferret - which was playing Aniston's blind pet - and the actor went on to brand the creatures "evil", with the full support of the Friends beauty.

But Aniston has become worried with the backlash she and Stiller have faced, and it attempting to put things right.

She says, "It was a big mistake. We've thoroughly offended the ferret community and he's actually an adorable little animal. But we were just joking around. It was fodder. We thought we were being funny - obviously we can't write our own comedy!

"One of (the complaints) said that we ruined the ferret's career; that it won't ever get hired. I vow that I will hire the ferret. I will do everything in my power to get that ferret more work!"

23/01/2004 14:10