Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston and kiss-and-tell star Rebecca Loos have been approached to star in a new episode of British comedy ABSOLUTELY Fabulous.

The Friends beauty and Loos - who claims she had an affair with soccer superstar David Beckham when she worked as his personal assistant - are in talks with series creator and star Jennifer Saunders to appear in a Hollywood special.

An Absolutely Fabulous source told Britain's NEW! magazine, "Jennifer Saunders has written a list of the stars she would like to make cameo appearances.

"Jennifer thinks a brief appearance from Rebecca would have great comic effect."

Aniston is reportedly thrilled with Saunders offer as she has been a fan of the long-running show for several years.

Celebrities including SIR Elton John, Debbie Harry and Lulu have appeared in the show.

03/05/2004 21:23